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Pro Digest

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Pro Digest is our probiotic supplement that we specifically designed for dogs. The specially selected 19 ingredient formula supports the beneficial bacteria and microflora in dogs’ guts to address imbalances that can contribute to nutrient deficiencies, upset stomachs, diarrhea, vomiting and other serious illnesses. 

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“Its a really good product I will be vetting more. Their coats are alot more healthy and not shedding really at all and mkre energy in them both.”

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Cutting-edge formula combines natural probiotic ingredients to help promote your dog's overall gut health.

By helping the "good bacteria" to flourish, and limited "bad bacteria" overgrowth, ProDigest supports healthy digestion in dogs. This results in a health digestive track, improved more balanced energy levels, and a healthier appetite that will support better metabolism and immune system.

Our “food grade” supplements are specifically crafted to provide the highest quality nutritional support to make Happy, Healthy Pets! All of our supplements are veterinarian approved and come with a “100% Yumology guarantee!”

Easier Digestion

Calms dog's digestion system to support consistent "poops", cut constipation and stop diarrhea.

Balanced Energy

Increase in youthful energy that is more consistent and efficient, no matter what age.

Nutrient Absorption

Benefit from the good nutrients and vitamins, without just “passing” them through the body.

Tastes Great

Most dogs look forward to it like a treat because of its natural flavors! 10 out of 10 dogs love it, we GUARANTEE your dog will too.

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