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Complete Heart Health

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Reduce inflammation and help to protect your pet against abnormal heart rhythms.

  • Improve Overall Heart Health and Longevity
  • Improve Joint Mobility
  • Reduce Skin Allergies
  • Enhance Coat and Fur

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“Its a really good product I will be vetting more. Their coats are alot more healthy and not shedding really at all and more energy in them both.”

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Pork flavored chews packed with high quality minerals and vitamins for complete cardiovascular support.

Keep your dog's heart healthy and strong with the help of PetJoy's Omega Health Soft Chews. These chews are perfect for all breeds of any age, and contain ingredients included specifically to promote heart health, prevent disease, and boost overall immunity.

Our "food grade" supplements are specifically crafted to provide the highest quality nutritional support to make Happy, Healthy Pets! All of our supplements are veterinarian approved and come with a "100% Yumology guarantee!"

EPA 180mg

Helps to lower the risk of heart disease and lowers triglycerides and blood pressure.

DHA 120mg

Helps reduce risk of blood clots and arterial plaque. Supports healthy brain function and development.

Vitamin E 1.51U

Improves heart health to help regulate energy levels, and support healthy nerves, and muscles.

Diacalcium phosphate

Helps strengthen bones, teeth, and nails, while promoting a shiny, thick, and full coat.

Approved Ingredients

Our “food grade” supplements are specifically crafted to provide the
highest quality nutritional support to make Happy, Healthy Pets!


Helps with any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints


Promotes a shiny, healthy coat, and reduces shedding

Vitamin E

Essential for muscles, circulatory system, and injury healing


Improve healing of spinal injuries and aid in nerve repair

Ingredients & Dosage

The right time to start giving your dog joint
supplements is before they have symptoms

Proactive treatment has been proven to help prevent joint
problems that affect nearly all dogs as they age. Keep your
dog feeling young with our delicious soft chews. Trust us,
they would thank you if they could!

Daily Feeding Guide

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